Web 2.0 ideas that would probably not take off

Mr. Fuller asks for the most unworkable Web 2.0 idea.

How about the one where you enter the kinds of pollen you are allergic to and it matches you people with similar allergies so you can carpool to work through parts of town far away from those plants?

Or the historical-data-driven horoscope site, where people with your same birthday who are in time-zones ahead of you write what actually happened to them that day, which is then turned around to be your prediction for the next few hours.

Then there’s the one where you upload geo-locating data about what part of your world your dog’s breed is originally from, so you can find neighbors whose dogs speak the same dog-language (e.g., a peruvian dog speaks the Spanish form of dog).

Finally, there’s the site where you upload your Gmail contact information and for each a friend a movie you know he or she is excited to see, and it does nothing but spam them with mail appearing to be from you that reveals spoilers. The site propagates virally, on the premise that each friend will be angry enough about it to do the same to his or her own friends.

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