Why Web Comics are Better

A friend of mine, Brian Lewis, recently asked on Facebook why Web comics are better than printed comics.  My guess is that it’s a combination of factors:

Selection Bias.  Webcomics allow a reader to be much choosier.  You only keep up with the ones you like the most out of thousands (and you forget about the rest).  In the paper, the selection is smaller and you are still constantly reminded of the bad ones.

Audience Focus.  This is related to the above point.  To stay in paper, a comic needs to appeal to at least a few percent of the papers’ readers, probably at least 10%.  Thus, you don’t have niche comics about specific games, jobs or hobbies.  However it’s just these comics that develop the most devoted fans.  You heard about ones that are appeal to you from members of your peer group and you came to love them.  Your favorite comics are ones that other people wouldn’t like.  To be fair, you would probably dislike their favorites just as much.

Fearlessness.  Webcomics can take risks and offend people.  Print comics will get ejected from the paper.

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