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AFCEA Fellowship Award Ceremony

From the fellowship awarding ceremony this morning. From the left: me, AFCEA Director of Scholarships and Awards Norma Corrales, my advisor Yuan Xue, EECS department chair Dan Fleetwood and Dean of Engineering Kenneth Galloway. Dean of Research George Cook was present, but not pictured.


Update: the Vanderbilt School of Engineering has published an article.


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Submarine Parking Only

We got a lot of rain this week. On the way home from the office, I saw some firehoses leading out of a parking garage. On one end they were spewing water into a sewer drain. I went to see what was on the other end. This is what I found.
I’m not an auto or insurance expert, but I’d say some of these might need a lot of work.

Update: I returned two days later and found out the water had been a half-foot or so higher than shown in the pictures.  I deduced this from the high water marks on the green van, which was still parked there (ominously).

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